Executive Function Advocacy

If you’re a parent of a child with executive functioning challenges, you understand all too well how disruptive these issues can be to learning. Our team of specialized advocates can point you toward a better learning path.

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Whether you’re looking for services that address organization, time management, flexible thinking, or emotional regulation, our advocates help families secure school services that address executive functioning needs.

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Whether you’re hesitant about receiving help or you value your anonymity, our advocacy team is always discrete and respectful of your family’s privacy.


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Vested Advocates consultants offer educational advocacy in person and via private, secure video conference, adapting to your schedule as needed.

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Comorbidities & Executive Functioning Advocacy

Get the Guidance Your Child Deserves

Students who are diagnosed with other learning disabilities or disorders—including ADHD and Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NLD)—often benefit from executive functioning support services, including direct teacher support, cueing, extended time on tests, note-taking skills, and regular check-ins.

The good news is that our advocates not only understand that these comorbidities are often present in students but also know how to assist your family with acquiring the right kinds of executive functioning accommodations at your child’s school.

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