Specific Learning Disability Advocacy

A Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) diagnosis can be as revealing as it is confusing. We empower parents with the advocacy support they need to give their child access to the educations they deserve.

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Our Approach: Specific Learning Disability Advocacy

Expert Advocacy & Support

At Vested Advocates, our team helps families like yours secure the appropriate Specific Learning Disability supports your child needs. We regularly assist parents with various SLD-related issues, including challenges with math, reading, executive functioning, processing speed, organization, ADHD, and bullying.

Our advocates also strive to make sure your child’s school addresses your student’s Specific Learning Disability. This means we often work closely with clinicians, administrators, and teachers, navigating SLD-related academic assessments and any interrelated diagnoses, such as ADHD.

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Private & Confidential

Whether you’re hesitant about receiving help or you value your anonymity, our advocacy team is always discrete and respectful of your family’s privacy.


In Person or Video Conference

Vested Advocates consultants offer educational advocacy in person and via private, secure video conference, adapting to your schedule as needed.

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Better Outcomes with Specific Learning Disability Advocacy

Get the Guidance Your Child Deserves

When your child is diagnosed with a Specific Learning Disability, you often have to go above and beyond to obtain the right accommodations. Sometimes, students with an SLD need academic and social support at school, which can put even more stress on a parent who is already overwhelmed with advocating for their child.

By informing families of their options, our team sets goals with parents, getting them organized, on track, and ready to approach their child’s school with a unique learning plan.

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